Hey Friends new and old!  Tomorrow night Pretty please come out and support me with Soul Tempo “1st Saturdays” at Shashamane in Oakland. We have some great stuff going on this month plus Ladies are FREE all night!!  If it’s your birthday (or any other special occasion) and you have no plans, hit me up and I’ll get u and your party all set up.  Tables and bottle service available… Did I mention good music as well:  Hip Hop, Reggae, Soca, Salsa, etc. So gather up all your homies and come join in on the party.  Good times ahead…hope to see you there!  =)  #oakland #soultempo #first #saturdays #summertime #party #ladies #free #hiphop ##reggae #soca #salsa  (at Shashamane:  2507 broadway st. Oakland ca)
Off to work with turntables in tow, Im ret to go! ha!  Victoria’s Secret Simply Sexy Launch event here I come. #scratchevents #Victoriassecret #sanfrancisco

Diplo - Take You There (ft. Skrillex & Kiesza) *NEW SONG* @ Paris

"I’m not the body, I’m not even the mind"- Sadhguru


"You still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want."

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"Don’t let small minds persuade you that your dreams are too big."


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Smoking spot

Sometimes I’m Criag, but sometimes I’m Smokey


R. Kelly // Feelin’ On Yo Booty 

feelin on ya boo-hoo-tee ya boo-hoo-tee

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